Monday, December 19, 2011

First Discussion in the field

I am in Teay's Valley! pronounced Tays...I live in a city called Hurricane, pronounced the same as the Utah one. Sister missionaries have not been in this area for 2 years so we have Lots of planning and figuring out where the heck we are, and the gps isnt amazing in WV cuz the roads and valley is psychotic! trees are everywhere looks like a forest and im just going camping. its beautiful. I am in an incredibly nice area so nothin outta the ordinary yet!
My trainer is Sister Kayla Gunnell from Farmington. She is flippin awesome! we get along INCREDIBLY well! the day after we moved in and started doin some work after a lot of planning we talked to *Joy who is an older woman and has been talkin to the missionaries for over 30 years. She has 8 cats...but i only saw 1 and the evidence of all the others....thats beside the point. we started gettin to know her and she told me she had some doubts about Joseph Smith. as soon as she said that, I UNLEASHED the Spirit on her! Threw questions at her right and left, soul searching questions (the kind that make you wrestle with the spirit and feel it). and The Spirit ROCKED and then my comp jumped in after a series of scriptures and pulled out a random date to be baptized. she told us she couldnt give us an answer it wasnt yes or no. so i asked her to pray with us, she sat there in silence and finally said she couldnt get the words out. I then asked do you belive in God? yes Do you believe He is our Father? yes Do you KNow he loves us? yes Do you think He wants us to talk to Him? yes Do you wanna talk to Him?........................she didnt say a word. Joy are you mad at God? no. Why wont you pray? silence...I just cant get the words out. I think we prayed with her in the lesson but i guess i asked her atleast 10 times to pray (my comp was counting) and i only remember 3. but then again. everytime i opened my mouth I was SHOCKED at what came out! I KNOW she knows this to be true and now is the time for her to act. we committed her to pray this week. but we went home and my companion said wow you dont need to be trained, she thanked me for being proactive too, also she said she never felt the spirit quite like that and loved my soul searching questions! the spirit was so amazing! I was on a HIGH like no other!  i read her teaching record later and we learned that she is still holding a grudge towards her husband for cheating...i think she doesnt feel like she should be baptized by holding that. dont worry we will get her! cuz if all this is true then she has Got to let go. plus, I know she KNOWS for a FACT that this is the true church! Amazing first lesson! I love it!
I gotta go, sorry i cant give more but i have so much going on! 
Love y'all
merry christmas

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