Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pictures - emailed 07/16/12

Future Journal Entries - excerpt from 07/10/12 email

Yeah my journals arent gonna be comin in as much. I  dont really like the time we are supposed to spend at the library. we have other things to do .... i got my work cut out for me.

Pics from the Mish

Pictures of waterfall in Virginia

Pictures of Jess with Julie and with comp and elders

Journal Entry from 06/19/12 - Deanna

June 19, 2012
Today we met with Deanna (between 35-50) and Vince (26). and they are engaged...but they havent got married because of their insurance and they need their meds. anyway, at first it seemed like they just had issues and might wanna use the system. but then when Deanna left to use the bathroom and she came back down she told us she prayed for the strength to come back to listen to our message. and she knows that we are not there to help with temporal needs but to strengthen and uplift mentally emotionally and spiritually. we shared the message of the restoration and strongly emphasized the atonement of Christ and the hope it brings. and then we asked them to be baptized, and they are gonna work towards august 18.

Journal Entry from 06/15/12 - Ryan

June 15, 2012
Today I met Ryan. He is 26. He is.....quite the character! He was rooming with Mitch an older man we met a while ago and when we got there Ryan was tellin us weird things were going on around that place and he has no idea where Mitch) was and he was talkin about some hog farm. so Ryan thinks that Mitch got knocked off by Daddy (the landlord) and hawled him off to the hog farm. then Ryan was askin about his "spiritual" experience he was in a field with his friends and started eatin the mushrooms they we had to tell him there is a difference between being high and feeling the spirit. awkward!

Journal Entry from 06/15/12 - Bob

June 15, 2012
We saw Bob today and we talked about the atonement with him. Bob is a choice spirit. He is so forgiving and so loving and just has some amazing Christ-like qualities. He told us about his wife who cheated on him over the years with their neighbor (who is now dead). He told us how he has forgiven her and done kind things for her but she is always aggravated with him. We talked about the atonement with him and the gospel how it has changed our lives and then he said he had been praying for some companion so he wouldnt be so alone. I guess that is the day Noorlander and her companion showed up. He told us he jokingly told God, I only asked for one, NOT two! haha we just laughed and he told us he prayed to say thank you. He is reading from the scriptures and he is just an excellent man. I hope that the light of the gospel and the Atonement will take place in his heart and heal him.

Journal Entry from 06/13/12 - Don and Bella

June 13, 2012
We went to Don and Bella's and we went over the plan of salvation a little more, and went over the baptismal questions. We found out that Don is on probation and cannot get baptized until that is all cleared up. It was extremely sad to see the hurt in his eyes and Noorlander and I both talked about the time we have to wait before we can partake of the blessings of the gospel. This provided us with a deeper understanding of the Savior and it was just sad to see that he really wants it but has to wait. One thing that I really liked that Noorlander said was "In the Premortal when God sent us down, he trusted that we would make it." So that is was a cool thing to hear. God trusted that we would make it back.

Journal Entry from 06/20/12 - Jan and Rita

June 20, 2012
Today we had an appointment scheduled with Jan and Rita. Jan wasnt there and we called her and she said she hadnt been able to read cuz her mom was reading the book. her mom cant read the small print so in a weeks time with a magnifying glass held close to her face she read all of 1 nephi! she is so awesome! and we brought her a large print BOM! she asked if we wanted some coffee and brother arritt is like we dont drink that so she asked why. and she smokes (but wants to quit so we are gonna do the quit smokin workshop with them) and usually we kinda feel bad and dont bring it up til later but i just got an overwhelming feeling of comfort and thought if it's true it's true and i shouldnt be worried. but sometimes people will turn away before they know what they are missing but we started with prayer and read D&C 89 and she told her grandaughter to sit quiet and listen to God's word. I thought this woman was gonna be like i have my church you have yours. that is NOT the case! we invited her to live the word of wisdom and she said Yeah! i gotta ween myself off though. but before that she told us her doctor told her to drink coffee in place of having to buy an inhaler because some enzyme in coffee helps her out! and she says all that she has read so far doesnt contradict the gospel she understands and she prays about all that she reads. and i dont think she has even asked if Joseph was a prophet yet and she was like Yeah i will do that! What FAITH! She doesnt even know if he is a true prophet yet but she is putting it to the test!!! that was awesome!