Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Journal Entry from 12/28/12 - Elizabeth

*Elizabeth has committed to fast from cigarettes as Sister Gunnell and I fast from food and water for 24 hours together. I wanted to make sure I could take a walk in Elizabeth's shoes so I put out all of my treats on my desk as a temptation. I am also fasting from gum which is something I have a hard time going without.  As we studied this morning I realized my heart, mind, and desires were set upon my treats. I learned that if we are making a sacrifice and we dwell solely on the thing we are giving up and not the reason or the blessings that will come then we will miss out on why we fasted in the first place. Our fast will then have been in vain. What does our heart desire? Yeah throughout the day we will think of these things we are missing, but are we dwelling on how much it sucks? Is the blessing worth the sacrifice? I know that it is, and it can be, if God's promises are of great worth to us then we will be willing to give up everything to obtain that blessing.

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