Sunday, August 5, 2012

Journal Entry from 06/20/12 - Jan and Rita

June 20, 2012
Today we had an appointment scheduled with Jan and Rita. Jan wasnt there and we called her and she said she hadnt been able to read cuz her mom was reading the book. her mom cant read the small print so in a weeks time with a magnifying glass held close to her face she read all of 1 nephi! she is so awesome! and we brought her a large print BOM! she asked if we wanted some coffee and brother arritt is like we dont drink that so she asked why. and she smokes (but wants to quit so we are gonna do the quit smokin workshop with them) and usually we kinda feel bad and dont bring it up til later but i just got an overwhelming feeling of comfort and thought if it's true it's true and i shouldnt be worried. but sometimes people will turn away before they know what they are missing but we started with prayer and read D&C 89 and she told her grandaughter to sit quiet and listen to God's word. I thought this woman was gonna be like i have my church you have yours. that is NOT the case! we invited her to live the word of wisdom and she said Yeah! i gotta ween myself off though. but before that she told us her doctor told her to drink coffee in place of having to buy an inhaler because some enzyme in coffee helps her out! and she says all that she has read so far doesnt contradict the gospel she understands and she prays about all that she reads. and i dont think she has even asked if Joseph was a prophet yet and she was like Yeah i will do that! What FAITH! She doesnt even know if he is a true prophet yet but she is putting it to the test!!! that was awesome!

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