Sunday, August 5, 2012

Journal Entry from 06/15/12 - Bob

June 15, 2012
We saw Bob today and we talked about the atonement with him. Bob is a choice spirit. He is so forgiving and so loving and just has some amazing Christ-like qualities. He told us about his wife who cheated on him over the years with their neighbor (who is now dead). He told us how he has forgiven her and done kind things for her but she is always aggravated with him. We talked about the atonement with him and the gospel how it has changed our lives and then he said he had been praying for some companion so he wouldnt be so alone. I guess that is the day Noorlander and her companion showed up. He told us he jokingly told God, I only asked for one, NOT two! haha we just laughed and he told us he prayed to say thank you. He is reading from the scriptures and he is just an excellent man. I hope that the light of the gospel and the Atonement will take place in his heart and heal him.

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