Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 06/13/12 - Brent and Nancy*

June 13, 2012
Today I met Brent and Nancy. they gave me a gift! it was some virginia blown glass. it is a coaster for my drinks! i love coasters. but it was so cool that they just were prepared to meet me and wow. so Brent was voluntarily ex-ed...he believes in the BOM and we go to read with them but he believes that not all of Joseph's teachings were inspired by God like polygamy and just that because he is man not everything can be trusted so he believes the book and not the church but he really did not want to talk about the disaggreements he has with the church because he doesnt want us, his guests, to feel like we have to defend our beliefs and that we should be respected and not offended. so we just read from the book of mormon with them. and Nancy isnt a member and believes the book and i told her my views on polygamy because she asked. and it was cool. but their dog likes to lick people and it kept sneakin past me tryin to lick my arm every once in a while cuz i told it no. and then the dog got smart....i was asked to pray and we knelt down holdin hands and while i prayed the dumb ol' dog came and licked me right in the mouth. how could i say anything!? i was dog. haha we laughed hard at that one!

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