Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Journal Entry from 01/15/12 - Barbara

February 15, 2012
These last 2 weeks we talked to Barbara about how you have to read it to know it. and i asked her if she had to read the bible to know it was true and she said yes. and i said well that is the same thing with the Book of Mormon. We laughed because she said i set her up and i definitely did! :)  we committed Barbara to read on page of the restoration pamphlet because that was easy and something she couldnt have an excuse for. when we went back we were surprised to see that she had read the whole pamphlet. she said she was just unsure/confused. like she understands it and believes that God can show himself to anyone, even if it is a 14 year old boy. hopefully we can get more into a good discussion but as i wrote about this experience in my journal i had a feeling that she probably felt something and just might be scared because she has been attending the same church for years!!

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