Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Journal Entry from 02/15/12 - Elizabeth and Kyle

February 15, 2012
I dont know if i updated on Elizabeth. but she hasnt been coming to church and been doing her stupid drugs again. But with this roller coaster of actions we have gotten to know the grounds keeper, *Ron, who makes sure we stay safe from the creepy guy who will assault us if he gets the chance. and he also told us about a man in the complex who has a really good heart! His name is *Kyle.
Kyle accepted a book of mormon and invited us in. we shared the first lesson with him. we went to see him a few days later but he wasnt home. He was way cool and really discussed the questions we had and answered them and thought them out as he answered. we left a note on his door and when he called us he called 3 times cuz we didnt answer. when we called him back he told gunnell he didnt know how people could despute this book, just read the testimonies of the 8 witnesses. WOW! so we are going to teach him again tonight!

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