Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Journal Entry from 02/12/12 - Dan and Susan

February 12, 2012
*Dan and *Susan are so great to us. They believe the bible to be the word of God and as long as we believe in God and Jesus Christ that is what matters. They admitted they dont believe everything in their Nazarene church but really liked a lot of the standards and guidelines we have as a church. which means they were researching about our beliefs on our lds sites! :) I dont think Dan was a Christian when they first started dating and so i think i see this pattern and he doesnt really get the big picture of what we are teaching. but he considers us a big blessing and example to him. Susan I think has felt the spirit strongly and sincerely asked if we believe in the bible then what about revelations in the last chapter where it talks about not adding to these words. I hope that we can readdress that concern cuz we didnt answer it very well but i can see that she wants to do what's right and make sure she doesnt offend God. i think we will be able to teach more, because they invited us to have dinner with them one night and i am SO EXCITED!!!!

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