Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Journal Entry from 01/24/12 - Kim

January 24, 2012
I prayed this morning about finding the elect in Nitro. And I looked over the map and was like ok do any stand out to me? and 29th street did...I wasnt sure if it was just me. I felt like i was just making stuff up because I have little faith. While we were in Nitro I drove down the street but didnt say anything to Gunnell. I still didnt know. So we stopped at someones house to visit and then we didnt know what to do. Gunnell said why dont we just go tract those one apartments. I really didnt wanna do that. i mean tracting really isnt that fun...especially here. I dunno if it is different in other places. but ugh, i can be a little negative sometimes. so i just said i dont wanna be there. and then we prayed. and then I just drove us back to 29th street and I said how bout this and I said i think this one. and we drove down the dead end part of the street turned around and parked. We knocked on every door. and i was getting so discouraged. There were people home and even one person with their door open and i saw them right there and they didnt answer the door... ugh and gunnell was like dont be sad we arent done yet. and i said i know. and then in the dead end loop *Kim opened the door. and I told her we were missionaries sharing messages about Christ and asked if she had a faith in Him. then I asked her how that helps her family in the crazy world today. she just said it does. and i said umm...well, like i said we are missionaries and we love to share messages how Christs gospel has blessed our lives (and I think our families) and said we believe in the Book of Mormon as well as the Bible. Because it testifies of Christ and as we follow His example it is a strength in our lives. and I asked her if we could stop by and teach her more and she said yes, and when we gave her the BOM she said she would read it and pray. then she said that we came at the perfect time and told us a little about her family, and then I just got to bear testimony. I almost cried it was unreal!
God really does answer our prayers! But like it says in the bible dictionary under prayer that prayer accompanies sacrifice. which means if we dont search for the answers we ask in our prayers...they cant be answered

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