Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Journal Entry from 01/27/12 - Elizabeth

January 27, 2012 (straw glasses)
Yesterday we went over to give *Elizabeth some pictures of Christ so she could make her sister a birthday present. And she invited us in. She was pretty happy. and she told us she had been reading and then told us how she needed new glasses. all she had was the frame. and so i asked her if she had any bendy straws, super glue, or tape. and she had all those things! she thought i was crazy but i put it all together and sized it to her face and we got them to work! she was laughin so hard she couldnt believe it. then we got some black nail polish and painted the straws black so you couldnt tell they were straws! it was the funnest thing ever! 
We also talked about why God would want us to set goals and she gave a perfect answer so we asked her about when she was gonna get baptized and she told us February 18. I hope she pulls through this time! my prayers are with her as she does this. 
She read through the baptismal questions and told us that she participated in an abortion a long time ago. and wondered why some of these questions were on there. That was the only one she said she would say yes to and that she had a misdeamenor or something. but i asked her why God would want us to repent for having participated in an abortion. She said that she already asked Him for forgiveness but said that it was like murder and said she also looked back on her circumstances and how she was an alcoholic and doin drugs and all this crazy stuff that would make it bad for the kid. That is not an excuse for participating in an abortion but, she did say she asked for forgiveness. But I hope all works out for her. she seems to be trying. But we are leaving it in God's hands. and guiding her and giving her hope. I hope she finally does it because she KNOWS!

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