Saturday, February 18, 2012

Journal Entry from 02/17/12 - Joy

February 17, 2012 
*Joy called us today. the last time we visited her she just has not been keeping simple commitments and we ended up watching the restoration dvd and it really brought the spirit. We explained our puropose and she answered some questions like what does she want to do to show her faith to God. and she said what she needed to do but we told her we ALL know what we NEED to do but what do you WANT to do? so that was good and we told her to call us when she is ready. She called us today and apologized for not calling at the beginning of the week and told us about her UTI and will call us the beginning of next week. I was amazed. She is spiritually dependant on us i think and we are going to have to stress keeping commitments because we will not be here forever. missionaries come and go, but they are going to have to stop if she doesnt progress. I know that sounds bad, but that is wasting our time and theirs. Because without progression their lives arent changed for the better. and yes fellowship is fantastic. but we cannot serve God and Mammon. I guess it will be important for members to do the fellowshipping and thats how it should be everywhere. But I hope things work out for her. 
also instead of telling frank he is way dumb i invited him to church until he gave me a straight up no. I am gonna "kill him with kindness." He really did make me so mad. i would not be surprised if he really has abused Joy because he has cheated on her and if she leaves him now...she will have nothing.

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