Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Journal Entry from 01/02/12 - Samantha

January 2, 2012
We met *Samantha on December 28, 2011. An hour or 2 before we met her I got a nervous feeling to meet her. I just don't get nervous! Especially the first time we meet people. I soon found out why. We read on her record that she knew the Book of Mormon was true. Before meeting with her I have been having a lot of experiences just teaching by the Spirit. I knew that I wasn't the one teaching. I also learned that Faith is always an action and that the Lord will keep His promises once we do our part. He tells us IF we open our mouths He will fill it. He is the teacher. So I knew that to be true but I understood it better after I met Samantha. After Samantha had read through the Plan of Salvation pamphlet she freaked out and was saying that's of the devil and she would ask all these questions and say no one would answer them, but no one answers because she doesn't listen...I knew that she would not listen because as I tried to teach...I could not and that was weird. I am always very confident and just teach as I am supposed to. I lost my train of thought and my head was like a blank page. Then all I had to lean on was my testimony. All I could do was bear my testimony of the things I knew to be true because that is engrained in my heart and can never be taken away. The Lord is always the teacher and through that I know He teaches and not me.

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