Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Journal Entry from 01/04/12 - Elizabeth

January 4, 2012
We dont know what to do with Elizabeth. She doesn't have a car, no internet, she is all alone, and she is always sick and in pain. I think being alone she also smokes and drinks out of boredom, but what are somethings we can tell her that would give her something to do other than smoke or drink? I mean she probably isn't going to read and pray 24/7, and TV can get boring too, she can't really always go for walks, but maybe we can encourage her to do that.  Also encourage her to write something. She writes poems and such. But maybe she will go on walks. I just dont know and she got in a fight with a less-active member in her apartment complex and the cops were called on her and now Elizabeth doesn't want to come to church in case that woman is there and freaks out and calls the cops on her. If the cops get called again then Elizabeth will be kicked out and she will be homeless. She talked about doing school again but like I said she doesn't have a computer or a way to get to a library or school...I just dont know what to do. I know she has a testimony...but how is she gonna make it work?

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