Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Letter from Jessica 12/29/11 - Barbara

...We are teaching this old Baptist woman, *Barbara, who is so sweet.  She loves learning about Christ.  It's hard to have actual lessons with her because her stubborn 40 year old daughter hates us.  She is very hospitable to us and kind...but whenever we start teaching she always interrupts and talks about pointless crap and sometimes she'll get up on her high horse and tell us how it is.  Her mom gets annoyed and will look at us and roll her eyes.  So it's hard not to laugh while this woman is chastising us for only saying we are grateful and not saying thank you in our prayers or not memorizing scripture and going off about the millennium.  However the first time she went off on me she said all you do is say your grateful and don't say thankyou.  That's not enough and Honey you haven't been through anything yet because you are young.  But I sat there and listened and just took it with a smile and then when she was done I bore my testimony... 

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