Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Journal Entry from 12/30/12 - Jackie

December 30, 2011
Sister Pitt came with Sister Gunnell and I to visit *Jackie last night. Jackie is an endowed member of the church and is innactive. She had a lot of deaths in her family, her husband being one of them. She told us before last night that she did not believe God had a body of flesh and bones, she couldn't ask for anything when she prayed, and she didn't believe in organized religion. Her ideas were extremely misconstrued to say the least. Then Sister Pitt just started having conversation with Jackie and she opened up her heart. She started dating a man after her husband died and this man abused her. She doesn't feel worthy anymore. We shared our testimonies of the atonement, and of repentance. We also shared with her the need the members have and the need she has to be an active member at church. She said she would come to church on Sunday so I hope it works out. We plan to continue visiting Jackie. Missionary work isn't about baptizing. It's about giving His children a way back to Him. Especially for those who have already made those sacred covenants. We could have been out with non-members, but we find the the Lord works in many ways to bring His children to salvation. Alma 24:27

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