Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Journal Entry from 01/22/12 - Elizabeth

*Elizabeth came to church today! It shocked both me and Gunnell. (Supposedly the allegations were false against her and she is not going to jail after all) Elizabeth was very active in our gospel principles class which was good. She stayed for all three meetings. I guess that was a little miracle in and of itself! She also, set up an appointment with us. The Relief Society President told us that Elizabeth had mentioned that we had brought some hope into her life. I hope that we can continue to kindle that fire. We have decided we will be her to guide Elizabeth, but only upon request and her own actions. She knows what she needs to do. We will leave it up to God and her because of all the problems that she has been having. So far, I can see His hand. I pray that this fire continues to drive her to action.

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