Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Journal Entry from 01/02/12 - Tracting

January 2, 2012
We were searching for less active members and one lady wasn't home. So we went to get back in the car and I saw a house across the street with the lights on and I thought we should go there. My companion already started the car and I said hey let's go knock on that door. So we did. This man was super friendly and attended some Pentacostal church, which I hear they do a lot of the speaking in tongues business...he said that was kinda weird and he was the more laid back type. He also seemed like for the start of a new year that he was trying to come closer to Christ. So we offered him a card and a Book of Mormon and said hope to see him again. We should have set up an appointment, but we will just have to stop by again.

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