Sunday, June 17, 2012

Excerpts from a Letter dated 06/04/12 - TRANSFER

Sister Jennifer Noorlander is from Indianola, Utah (sanpete county) and she is the youngest of 11. I seriously know her whole life story and she knows mine. it has been less than a week. we are both REALLY outgoing and have very similar personalities so it should be a blast. but it probably will only get to be for one transfer because they need us to help the other sisters in the mission, but sister pitt said that every missionary needs that one companion that they just really get along with. i LOVED GUNNELL and i love Noorlander. of course i loved Boyce, 

we have a lot more people we are teaching here. I am trying to keep up on my journals and i will try sending them to you asap. there is a lot of curvy roads and not a lot of flat. it is gettin a little more hillbilly. in fact they have been askin if i have had squirrel, turtle, and frog legs yet. so i have a feeling that is gonna be comin to me in the near future.

There is some Crazy people around here...not as safe as the Teays Valley (utah-like) area. but we will be safe, we know what to do. We have like 4 people on date around here so that is pretty cool. i have already had like 4 people ask if i was 16. I get that all the time. i should probably start keeping a tally of how many times i get asked that. but I am still gettin into the swing of things. i was able to share my testimony on Sunday and when teaching Becca who tried reading the BOM in jail. and those have been 2 very strong spiritual moments for me. life is good. I still need to write y'all but it's been a crazy couple a weeks. oh yeah. a lady in our branch took her teeth out and was wearin these giant pineapple sunglasses we brought (she is old!) and as i was askin her to share a card with someone she listened and looked very serious and i was bustin up cuz her teeth were out and wearin those glasses. like i said. they are crazy here!

I been told i am gonna gain a ton of weight bein in covington...but from what it looks like the members in teays valley fed us more than they will here just because there arent that many.

Oh...and there is a papermill here so sometimes it smells like rotten eggs or the after fireworks smell.
Well, i love you all! have a good one!
love jessica

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