Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 06/12/12 - Nadine and Lanae

Week of June 12, 2012
We went to read some scriptures with Nadine and Lanae*. we asked them to memorize D&C 18:10 and Nadine totally did it! I am WAY proud of her. She expressed a desire to go to the temple and we told her it was gonna take a lot of hard work and dilligence. so I asked her about the drugs she has been using and we asked to take them to get rid of and she was like no way you will get in trouble havin those so she went to throw them away but we didnt want her to dig back through the garbage to get them and Noorlander said to flush them and when she was takin the trash we followed her thinkin she just was gonna trash 'em, and before she knew we were behind her she did dump them down the toilet and that was an AWESOME step! however she told us she can get them for free, so was that even a big deal for her? i dont know but she has TONS of issues and i wanna do my best to help her.

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