Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 03/22/12 - Testimony

March 22, 2012
So, i taught our scripture study class on "the calling of the 12." I learned a lot from teaching that lesson and i really felt the spirit directing me in that lesson. i have learned that God gives us a MILLION different witnesses so that He may more fully persuade His children of this gospel for the salvation of their souls! He gave His Son, prophets, scriptures, apostles, Joseph Smith, the B.O.M. and then asks us to pray to recieve ANOTHER witness. the book is truth of joseph smith which both have testified of the Savior, then to pray to recieve another witness, likewise am I...I AM A WITNESS of the Savior Jesus Christ! I know Him! I have a relationship with Him and my Father! and I seek to strengthen that as we all should do! I need to do so much more to strengthen that relationship with them, so that my testimony when said, that NO ONE that hears can disbelieve my words! for I know that they are true! we are given many witnesses of the truth! even the planets in their organized pattern prove there is a God, all things denote that there is a God. Alma 30:44

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