Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 03/19/12 - Melissa*

So, Friday and Saturday we knocked on about 100 doors! we gave 12 bom's and 8 in one day! i 
havent ever given out 8 in ONE week! so Boyce and i are doin our best to work hard! And believe
me! we are workin hard! i am so exhausted at the end of the day! i cant believe it! and we are 
getting up on time and actually going running! yay for me! i did intervals the second day! it was 
good for me! 
So, I gotta say! I am so converted to this gospel! it is a real joy! yesterday we were at a kids 
baptism in our ward! and a lot of the ward stayed to support and some young women helped 
with the music but as i sat there and saw how these families just mingled together and the 
music playing, i just thought wow the gospel really makes us so stinkin happy! it really does.
i mean yeah we have hard times but its so important to just enjoy it and love the ward family
you have because that is what it is all about! ya know? I just love it so much! and then guess
what happened??? :D I am so happy! Melissa i sat by her at the baptism and those kids 
are so dang cute i need to get pictures, but they have like 12 or so kids but Melissa is like 6 or 
7 and she leaned over and said, "you are my favorite missionaries and when we have missionaries
over for dinner again, i hope it's you!" OH!!!! Bless her little heart! :) that made me so happy! 
and I know its against the rules but i hug a lot of the kids! :) you cant help it when they just 
hug you too! at least they are members and good friends with me now! but another funny thing
about Melissa is she said how old are you, and i said 22, then she told me i should be married! 
I died laughing! :) then she asked what i would do with 100 dollars and then i asked her what
she would do. she said she would buy bacon and air heads! haha what a kid! :)

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