Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 03/14/12 - Tracting

March 14, 2012
Today we went tracting and I have to say the Elder Howard in the area next to ours is proof of a really good statistic. For every 1,000 doors we missionaries knock only 1 will accept our message. and He has been there over 7 months and knocked over 1,000 doors and he has 0 baptisms. the baptism i had was from the members. the girl was going to mutual activities for 6 months before i met her and had developed a testimony. but member missionary is so important. I have knocked over 300 doors and still nothin. but today we tracted a street and having the worst luck. and i asked Heavenly Father is there anyone on this street. and i heard a no. and i decided to finish my tracting card and leave the street. we knocked on the door and the lady yelled at us telling us we needed to rethink what we were doing and i asked why. she said because you are a cult. i asked if i could give her a card atleast (articles of faith card) and she said absolutely NOT! I guess thats what i get for not listening. but it was a blessing because, I stood there firm in the faith of Christ, my faith was UNSHAKEN. if anything it was built stronger. Christ had to face opposition, and there that day i stood as His witness!

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