Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 06/08/12 - Harry*

June 8, 2012
Today, we decided to spend the day at Harry's. We helped Harry build a dog house and would have gospel conversations. Nyla his wife is a member and she was going to do a yard sale thing somewhere else and when we got there she was loading up her car and STORMED inside saying all types of colorful words to Harry that we were there and well, it was epic to say the least. They have serious marital problems but our goal is to get them to come regularly to church together and start praying as a family together etc. but we asked them both what the ideal family life was and they put down each other a lot...but they both had good ideas. now we just gotta help them turn those ideals into actual goals so their family and their children can have good examples and more happiness. Harry believes the church to be true, he just has an addiction problem and i feel like if the family support was stronger in their home he would be baptized and change his life but he is scared to get baptized cuz he doesnt wanna be a hypocrite and lose his temper with his wife etc. so the goal with them is to build their family ever so subtly. They are quite the couple thats for sure, but i sure do love them both and it was so neat on the next day to see them at church together as a family!

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