Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 03/14/12 - Youth Activity

March 14, 2012
Today we and the elders were in charge of the youth activity. first off we dressed in our street clothes to make it more relaxed for them so they wouldnt feel like this was just another meeting about boring stuff they already know. We had them ask us some questions and then Elder Noorda started off with what people need to have a conversion. Social conversion and Spiritual conversion and which is easier to do. He made em laugh and he just did a really good job. Sister Boyce talked about How and I dressed up like such a nerd and they had a boy volunteer. and i gave an example how to invite our friends. I told him if he wanted to date me he had to come to mutual and learn the law of chastity. it really was so funny and the youth was lovin it. Sister Boyce used that as awkward you dont have to do that. then had a good invite and a girl volunteered and elder howard invited her to go bowling on a date. she fell straight to the floor laughing. Elder Howard was like wow...that was the most creative rejection i ever had in my life! we all laughed but we talked about what is easier to do. then elder Howard talked about the difference between us and them is we have the badge, the power and authority to do the spiritual conversion. thats our job is to teach. theirs is to find. and he showed stats of his mission and pics of his HUGE family and how his family is eternal all because one friend invited his dad. then I talked about the men needing to be converted and worthy and the young women to NOT deter them from their priesthood callings and said that we know the spirit has testified to them about a specific friend and they need to invite them because one day they will know what we know, and they will know that we knew, and they will wonder why we didnt offer them what someone offered us. it was a really good meeting and the kids had fun and some of them even came up and said they enjoyed it. but like i said. the youth here are amazing.

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