Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 03/22/12 - Sharon*

March 22, 2012
Today we saw Sharon*, she is a member who hasnt been to church for a long time. She does a lot of family history which is cool. but we just talked to her for a little while and taught her the importance of church. and then she admitted to laziness about missing church. and i know that if her faith was stronger it would push her passed the laziness. but i wanted to share a quote with her and i was impressed to ask it in the form of a question.
the quote is "when we make it, it wont be because we have a testimony of Him, it will be because we have become like Him!"
so i asked her, "does satan know Jesus Christ?" she replied, "yes."
and i asked, "will he enter into the kingdom of God?"
She sat there just pondering that and said wow, that's a loaded question. but i definitely think we got the point across. she didnt come to church but hopefully she will come to conference cuz she has no excuse really to miss that cuz its at 12 and 4 here in West Virginia.

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