Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 04/10/12 - Joy*

April 10, 2012
So, I "cornered" Joy* at the Relief Society activity with a member that is her friend. we casually went over and started talking about things and then Sister Kemp* kinda just got away from the conversation. I wasnt being pushy and I was just asking if she had prayed about the docterines and then Sister Poorman's* sister (who you could tell was a missionary at one point in her life) came over and started SPILLING about the Plan of Salvation. It was really good and I was glad to see members wanting to share, but she was quite confusing and you could tell Joy started feeling pressured. But I listened to her for a long time. and I was just going to end with a simple powerful testimony and give her a book of Mormon......I= started to bear my testimony cuz everyone was ready to go and i hadnt gotten a chance to say read this cuz i just had been listening to her concerns really. and as i started Joy interupted and applied what i was saying to her life and they knew i was just wrapping up and thats when [we got interrupted] and i wanted to share a scripture in Jacob 4 about why we have the BoM and it just didnt make sense to Joy why i was sharing it cuz i just rushed through it and it was a mess. So Joy probably thought we were all crazy cuz the members were all EXCITED and......[deleted out].   it's just when you are a missionary here you dont get a lot of opportunity to teach people....i mean you do but it is DANG hard. so anytime you can you wanna say EVERYTHING and make sure they know it all...but i have learned you HAVE to be patient and let them talk and provide them an experience to apply to their life. it really did make me mad [when we got interrupted] cuz I patiently held my testimony and my desire to share to listen to this womans concerns with why she hasnt investigated our church more or how she recieves answers to prayers and i was patiently awaiting the moment the Spirit would speak to her when i shared...well, Satan will do anything to mess anyone up. he will even give good things so we are prevented from getting better things...ugh so stressful! none of that probably makes sense but it makes sense to me. yep i am learning a lot of patience!

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