Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 04/14/12 - Judy*

April 14, 2012
We went tracting and this lady named Judy* invited us in. she had gone to church and had read a lot of the book of Mormon. she told us that people (and her) dont consider us Christian because we dont believe in the trinity. Like we are talking about two different people with the same name. i thought that was ridiculous. then she pulled out 3 nephi 19:17 and says well why dont you pray to Jesus it says it right here. and i told her about what was happening in this verse she didnt really buy that. i dont know she was bible bashing for sure. i mean i feel like she would want to know...but then Boyce pointed out that if she wasnt bashing she wouldnt have said well i dont believe that book so your answer is invalid. so it was weird. she was way scientifical and said something about horses being here and metals etc. i dunno what her deal was. i asked her why she let us in and she said well if youre going out talking about Christ i thought it would be nice to listen. so i dont know really...she just said talking about Christ so she contradicted herself in that statement when she said we believe in 2 different people with the same name.

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