Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 04/21/12 - Susan*

April 21, 2012
Today we went to visit Susan*. Her husband Josh* the only one in the family who isnt a member. and she has been a member for 30ish years. all her kids and grandkids are members and a dry mormon. But he was gone and her grandkids werent visiting her so we went out to talk with her and have lunch. We made some delicious cookies and her jumbalaya is delicious as well. We talked a lot about her conversion. She also told me that I did plant a seed with Josh weeks ago when I shared a message and my story. She said it was real and he really thought about it. Josh isnt one to dwell on things but she said she knew he had listened. But if he is gonna get baptized its not gonna be because so little missionary shoves him in. He has an amazing home teacher that has been his home teacher for 30 years and Josh would do anything for him. and His children and grandchildren are amazing. It made me so mad though because when we taught him he i flat out asked. well, have you ever wanted to know. and he said Nope! and i am sorry but if someone has a promise that i can be not only with my family but my spouse for not just time but all eternity. that is gonna spark my interest atleast enough to investigate. I shouldnt judge...but i think true love comes with a desire to want to be with them for all eternity and doing ALL that you can to be with them. maybe it's just something i think haha. I sure hope that he gets there. This gospel is truly amazing and the progression is incredible that we can accomplish. there are great and precious promises awaiting us.

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