Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 05/02/12 - Hardships

May 2, 2012
This last week I was just complaining my life away. In my own head i did that, and i prayed lots and just what's the point. We find joy in bringing many souls to Thee! and it is just meh! no one wants to listen to us when we knock on their doors. I mean I know i wouldnt listen to me knockin on my door! So i have just been nearly hopeless and going through the motions. and i do see tender mercies and miracles everyday but no one wants to change. So i decided I would write down all my complaints down last night that bugged me so i could just get it out and be happy as i work. Then we had dinner with Sister Tucker. The last time we were at her home she had a non-member and he was a Basher to the EXTREME! it really was outta hand. she told us she was way mad at him. I just would smile and tell him that i wear the garment as a symbol and a reminder just like he wears a cross around his neck and i stood up for Joseph Smith a few times. Boyce was gettin a bit fired up but i just smiled and looked him in the eye as he ranted. Come to find out Sister Thompson* was way mad and he kept callin her to apologize. she told me that when they talked he said "that sister little looked like she wanted to hit me!" I laughed when she told me that. Elder Noorda always talks about the "look" his mom gives and he always tells people that I can do it better. haha he cant even look away cuz he can still feel it when i give the "look." so we had a good laugh when Sister Thompson told us about that. but i was impressed a few times before we got to her house today to teach the restoration. Come to find out she invited another non-member who she mentioned she wouldnt be interested in the gospel. We went out to eat, really had a fun relaxed time and came back. Erin* asked us if we needed time alone with sister Thompson that she didnt know exactly what we did. and I said well we give spiritual thoughts or lessons as directed by the spirit after dinner to help uplift. and We would love it if you would join us. and she said she wanted to. So i told them i was prompted to teach the lesson of the restoration. and we taught. Erin was cryin and told us she never felt so comfortable talking about God, especially with someone she just met. we read the last two paragraphs in the intro of the BOM and Moroni 10:3-5. She was HIT HARD! we invited her to church, to read, to pray, to be baptized and she said YES!!!! She wanted to keep the feeling so bad! she wants to come to our church! and it was just so COOL! then...we asked her to pray at the end. she was nervous and asked us to. we shared why we ask her to pray, why it was important for us, and how we pray and then she ended up doing it with ease and knew we wouldnt judge her! it was SO awesome to hear that prayer! I know she has a real desire because she trusted us and God to pray right there to know! Oh it was COOL! then i told her i wanted to leave her with some chapters about the Savior cuz i felt prompted to do so. I wrote down Alma 5-7 on a sticky note and Sister Thompson said Alma 5 is a good one too! and I was LIKE OH YEAH!!! 2 witnesses that this is for you to read! so cool! and it was so neat to see Emily learn new things and understand and be touched by the spirit and Sister Tucker was SMILING SO BIG! it was incredible! Why did that experience happen for us? because Emily had a friend in the gospel and knew Mormons werent psychotic, therefore that shell wasnt there. if we woulda knocked on her door. Her readiness to accept the gospel woulda been hindered because she would not have opened up to us! it was a miracle and a blessing to be a part of! I was SO HAPPY! Especially because i could see as we taught about the nature of God, and how He loves her and when Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ as 2 beings she wept. I could see it transform her life. and that is what i have been yearning to see in a convert!

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