Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 05/23/12 - James*

May 23, 2012
We are slowly handing James* off to the Elders to make sure Jerry has true conversion. We took the Elders to his house and the Elders asked if they could come by and read the book of mormon and teach him. We will still visit, but the Elders are in charge of the main teaching. it was sad lookin at our goals and our 1 person on date to be baptized we are turning over to the Elders. It wasnt hard to give them the numbers though because numbers are just numbers. but it is kinda rewarding to see, "YES! one person is making it! their life is being changed!" but see, we dont need the number or the goal, because we know that this will be good for Jerry. This will help him MUCH more! to help him change his life for the better. As we were there with the Elders it just felt right and the more friendship and guiding we can give Jerry the better.
It also helped me to see that the numbers thing doesnt matter to me. That i truly care for those that i teach. I want the best for him. But you know I want to give everyone this opportunity to come closer to Christ. I know that they can come closer to Christ. That is the goal, to come closer to HIM who gave us everything!

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