Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 03/20/12 - Lindsey*

March 20, 2012
We were incredibly excited to visit Lindsey*! she had the question of why there were so many churches and why does God allow evil and suffering to occur. We picked up Julie Ashworth who is a youth (17) in our ward and took her to come teach with us! we were so excited! we knocked on the door...heard the tv and no answer. we were straight up ignored. Molly* who lives across from Lindsey said that Lindsey wanted her to tell us that the "Mormon" is not for her. ....k cool! thanks for tellin that to our faces. that's real cool. we even talked to her about how the spirit felt and when we did that i saw something in her eyes change. what's the deal? anyway, we were excited to teach her but she doesnt want to hear it.

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