Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 06/09/12 - Terry and Penny*

June 9, 2012
Today we talked to Terry and Penny*. they are not married but John is married to a woman and they all 3 live in the same house but his wife doesnt want to take the discussions but she will sometimes sit at the window and sneakily listen while we sit on the porch and teach them. Penny is RAD! she read the BOM in 6 days then is now reading it backwards. she knows it is from God and it is SO cool! like she doesnt know everything but her faith in that book is compelling her to have a desire to be baptized.
We taught about the premortal life and about adam and eve. that was a new concept for her (mostly adam and eve) but we taught her and she really soaked it in and just listened and believed it. we left with them 2 nephi 2 to read. but they both are gonna be baptized on july 7. so that is way cool!

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