Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 03/21/12 - Amy and Jon*

March 21, 2012
Well, we had our dinner break and i took a little nap in our break. i wanted to call it quits for the night. i was just pooped and done for the day. we see all these people ignoring us, makin us feel like we are fools, nobody wanting to change let alone listen. Christian people who have NO desire to act Christian or strengthen their faith in Christ. Luckily my companion was ready to go right when our break ended. she said, "sister little are you ready to go do some good?" I groaned and was like yup im no quitter. We went back to a subdivision we got kicked out of for soliciting the other day. well, we read that we arent soliciting and it is our right protected under the first ammendment to tract. well, the guy that kicked us out was outside and so i wanted to turn back but then decided we would tract the opposite side of the street. the neighbors next to that man were outside and we decided to talk to them. Jon shared a miracle story with us and we talked about the restoration and his wife Amy came over and listened. we testified of Christ, of eternal families, of the Priesthood, of the light of Christ and the Holy Ghost. it was amazing. and Amy said, I want you guys to come back. She invited us to dinner for monday. she asked us why men could only hold the priesthood and I testified of our divine roles and how if we had each others powers of either creating life or the priesthood we would have no need for each other...and we are made for each other. family units and man and wife are ordained of God. and then i told her when she asked why, i told her i knew it was true and i would die for this gospel, and not only that but i am living for it now! it was an incredible AMAZING miracle! i will never forget the way that i felt and how the Holy Ghost witnessed to me that what i testified of is true and that Joseph Smith was infact a Prophet of the Almighty God called to RESTORE the TRUTH!

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