Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 05/18/12 - Tiffany*

May 18, 2012
We went and visited with Tiffany*. She rocks. she kinda reminds me of aunt Debra. a few people remind me of aunt Debra round here. so it feels like home! but Tiffany's daughter is way into drugs and we been wantin to teach them at the same time. Jayne* wasnt there so we just invited Tiffany to church and got to know her some more. They are fixin up this sweet house/mansion and planning on selling it. There is a pond that we checked out and Tiffany told us she legitimently did Frog Griggin as a kid in Kentucky and cooked and ate the legs. You do go out at night and spotlight the frogs to blind them and then stab 'em up with a pitchfork. then you cook their legs and eat those. A few people have actually told us it legitimently tastes like chicken...weird!

Then we played a round of pool in her house. that was a good time for sure. She is one that i plan on staying in contact with. unfortunately we found out (may 24) Jayne* is back in jail until they can get some rehab people to help her. But maybe this gives us a window to teach Tiffany and show her how it can change her daughters life. But she is an awesome lady.

Oh yeah the quote in her bathroom i liked was "Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no on can hear you. Love like you have never loved before. Live like Heaven is on earth."

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