Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 06/07/12 - Nadine and Lanae*

June 7, 2012
Today we went to read with Nadine and Lanae*. We, had a good discussion with Nadine last night and i made her look in my eyes as i told her i loved her and Noorlander told her that she has to be comitted to doing what we ask so we can help her be happy. So we are workin on charity and when someone puts her down she needs to immediately uplift someone else and compliment them or serve them. and She immediately took that to heart. she told us she complimented another person and then she came and swept off our porches to make us happy! that was so cool! she has a lot of mental instabilities and HUGE HUGE issues but i am so happy that she is makin this step. Noorlander said it is a big step for her!

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