Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry on 02/27/12 - Pat and Dori*

February 27, 2012
Woah! so last night we went to visit Pat and Dori. Dori is autistic and 10 years old and is way bigger than i am. She has random....violent tantrums i guess you could say. We were warned when we went to visit to be on our guard in case she randomly takes a swing. but we were bein nice to her and she was colorin and we were trying to talk to Patty about the scriptures. Dori comes over and tries sittin on me, then she tries chuckin this glass jar of stuff at me, then grabs a handful of pages from my scriptures, the sound of scriptures tears your heart out even more violently. her mom handed me the pages and was trying to hold her back. she hocked a spit ball right towards my face...dont worry! BULLET DODGED! we just had to leave. I knew we would be protected when she started gettin rowdy. and guess what else! my scriptures were fixable. i mean they arent as pretty but none of the words or the notes in my margins got torn or destroyed. i definitely know we were bein watched over.
We talked about why doesnt the mom control her better or why or what causes the child to act out in such anger. the Mom is very passive and kind with her daughter, atleast when we are there. but it made us think of how special of a spirit she was in the pre-mortal life. we wont ever know, atleast in this life. but we also talked about how it is like the natural man with no conscious or reason/agency maybe. and when you cant change the situation you can do your best to control what you can and do it out of love, not anger. it was just interesting to me to think about.

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