Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 04/09/12 - Dan and Susan

April 9, 2012
I realized today that Dan and Susan's hearts are closed off to the things we believe. We tried to teach them about the Plan of Salvation and they just said they dont believe that we lived before this life and you could tell they listened but without it entering into their hearts. They truly have become like family and I am NOT giving up on them so we are going to do bible study with them every so often and I believe it will help me to understand the people better out here and resolve false doctrines, i dont know. but it was interesting that they believe that every Christian will be taken away from the earth for 7 years and then people will take the mark of 666 in their skin somewhere, and the ones who dont have to believe in Christ and can be saved. and we asked if all the Christians are taken away how will the others learn of Christ? i dont know. there are some funky ideas that dont make sense. it is weird how people will take from the bible the really off the wall scriptures and believe them and then say they believe word for word the bible when we give them our doctrine that is proved by the bible they dont believe it. people are contradicting themselves all the time and they dont understand.
I have been listening to a cd called 17 points of the true church. it is really neat. anyway, someone else explained that John Bytheway came up with 7 different ways the world believes they have to be saved, and our church is the only one that covers all 7. So, we are good to go! if i wasnt sure about a church i would want to make sure i did MORE than what was expected so i didnt fall short! but I know that this is the true church and i will always fall short, but i know in this church the fullness and restoration of all things are brought to pass.

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