Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 05/24/12 - Mary*

May 24, 2012
Today we finally got to follow-up with Mary*. Her kid is the one that loves God so much. We got to teach her a bit and i really think she is gonna come to church and she really seemed sad i was goin to be transferred. and gave me information how to keep in touch! wow, I sure hope our testimony affected her and i hope that she has all the means to make it to church! that would be the BEST! her friend Dani* that went to like the rehab school or somethin ran by mormons is back to her old ways, doin drugs and in the "racy" business. That seems to be kinda big around here. but it is sad cuz Mary wants to help her but when Dani is high she doesnt want her kids around that. I hope that one of these days she can have the desire to let the gospel change her life as well. Hopefully Mary can help her as she lets the gospel change her life as well.

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