Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry 03/13/12 - Lori*

March 13, 2012
We tracted into Lori. She lives across from the Darcy* family. She told us that she is searching for a church and she liked the questions and wondered "why does God allow evil and suffering to occur and why are there so many churches?" we are excited to go back and teach her. We told her to read the chapters those questions are answered in and to pray about it. we asked her what an answer would feel like. she said she wasnt sure but it probably wouldnt come all at once and would be something small. and we were like exactly and i told her when i prayed to know if God was there and it was a while after before i ever got that feeling as i prayed. and that the feelings of the spirit are comfort and peace and hope, joy. etc.
It also is really neat because she has a 6 year old daughter who loves to read and she told us she would study the next 3 chapters for the next time we came to visit! The Youth here...if they are strong....THEY ARE STRONG!!!!

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