Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 04/14/12 - Joan

April 14, 2012
Joan is an older woman who has been active for 20 some-odd years. But I gotta say i love her guts! she does not give stupid lame excuses she is just honest and that is what I have been waiting for is some honesty! She told us she had gone to the temple once. and she doesnt remember a whole lot. she stopped going to church because someone offended her. but we asked her about what the sacrament meant to her. and she gave the perfect answer and then she said but i am not worthy to take it. and i asked her if she wanted to be and she thought it over and said yes she did. and we talked and she told us how she liked to drink coffee and wine and smoke some cigs. she knew why cigs are bad but not wine and coffee. but we gave her alma 55 to read and then we are going to go back and visit her. She is aching to feel that forgiveness i just know it! I hope we can help her!

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