Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 04/24/12 - Karlee*

April 24, 2012
Karlee* is pretty cool. She loves Bon Jovi. She is a bit outta control haha i say that in a loving way. She was baptized when she was 14. I dont really understand her concerns with religion. I feel like she is like her mom and is using it as an escape.
She is very pro-choice, she thinks it is dumb you cant get mad at God if things are going wrong, but you have to give praise to Him if things are good. and she doesnt like that blacks didnt have the priesthood. she told us how she felt the presence of her father and didnt know if her mind made it up, but it was so real. she hopes there is something after this life cuz that means her dad is somewhere. I dont know how to explain it all, but sometimes people will give all these excuses to hide the real problem. and yeah it is sad. Hopefully we can help her. She has a daughter named Sam. Way cute. she is a good mom. She needs the gospel for sure!

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