Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 04/19/12 - Paula and Ron*

April 19, 2012
Paula and Ron* are an inactive couple. They kinda remind me of Debra and Al because these guys like the old rock stuff and they are just chill like they are. but these two play in a band and i got a little demo cd from a club they played at! I am excited to listen to it. just a little peice of West Virginia to take home with me! They are way cool and i dont really get why they dont go to church cuz they always bring up religious stuff way before we do and they get into some deep doctrine sometime too. I know their daughter Sharon* is just self-consious and the friends she had moved and all the young woman leaders all got called out at the same time and she was a convert at 13-14 so it was really hard to lose that social part for her! But this family is way cool foreal!

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