Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 03/19/12 - Sister Robinson*

March 19, 2012
Today we had dinner with Sister Robinson*! She is a convert to the church. she started baring her testimony to us and WOW!!!! her testimony shook us up and really inspired us! i hope to take her with us to visit investigators. Her testimony is so powerful anyone could feel the spirit! her testimony reminds me of 3 nephi 7:18 "it were not possible that they could disbelieve his words, for so great was his faith on the Lord Jesus Christ!" she is a powerhouse for sure! she is a single mother of 3 kids and she has done everything and made incredible sacrifices so that her children could go to church and wow...she is amazing!
But we had dinner with her (p.s. she is also an AMAZING cook) and decided to tract her subdivision after dinner. after her testimony i was impressed to ask her where we should start. She told us to start at the end of the subdivision and just work our way up. MIRACLE! we ran into a lady named Amanda* who was only in that area for her husbands business affairs. She told us that she was searching and that she felt like church should feel like home and family. (they originally attended the marinetha church, which i hear is like 1,000 people and a pep rally and they confuse adrenaline with the spirit) She told us she would read and pray about the book of Mormon and gave us her number.
We have tried calling and had no far the Lord just continues to show us miracles and tender mercies which increase our faith after we percivere through trials to recieve such miracles, but for once i wish we could find that miracle that wants to change. 

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