Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 06/11/12 - Warm Springs, VA

June 11, 2012
Oh my gosh! I think I found another Heaven on Earth. It is called Warm Springs Virginia! It was SO BEAUTIFUL to see the wonders of God! we went for a hike on pday to the waterfalls and down below you could walk under neath it and it wasnt just like a regular river flowing but had different levels of natural pools and mini waterfalls and the green forest surrounding it was incredible. in one of the pools a man was baptized there! wow that would truly be so wonderful to experience. then we hiked above the falls and there were logs over the river we could sit on and other natural pools just chillin in a calm river and there was a rope swing in one of them and i was so tempted to swing into it. the water was SO CLEAR and BLUE! i have never seen anything like it! but dont worry i did get to pull up my pant legs and walk into the river! if it is real shallow you cant swim so that was allowed but also i did it to pick up some trash. I needed a good excuse to get in it :) but wow it was sure amazing! and the water was actually warm even in morning with the cool air so it was just perfect. hopefully someday i will get to come back to this spot.

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