Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 03/13/12 - Elizabeth*

March 13, 2012
Today we saw Elaine Jordan and we read over the Joseph Smith History with her. She has been investigating the church for over a year and just wont quit her addictions. She wanted to read about how Joseph knew where to find the gold plates. That was a good experience. The elders in our area told us they ran into a man that says "NO! I dont believe in no Jo Mormon who found Gold Dishes in a coffee tin in his backyard!" People get crazy out here. But as we talked with Elaine about the Trials Joseph had to face that is the same for us. Satan knows what we are capable of obtaining in the eternities and will do everything in his power to make us fail. Elaine told us that us hounding her about baptism and ciggarettes drove a wedge between us. which is hard and frustrating for me! She expressed how she wanted to quit smoking and be baptized so we were helping and the 3 dates that have been set for her since december were her choice. She invited us over tellin us she was ready. but basically she told us she had to get stuff figured out before she will quit. and I think it is because she has something going on with the police because she is ordered to do blood work in 3 months and the doctor ordered her to stop drinking alcohol. she is litterally killing herself. she had me read that cuz it was her mail and she didnt have any reading glasses. she kinda got upset when i read that, cuz i think she wanted to hide it. but I am not sure. basically she believes. she said she can read the bible everyday but if she does not read from the Book of Mormon she KNOWS and FEELS the negative affects. she just doesnt wanna quit drugs until it is easy. so what do you do? I guess it all boils down to faith/desire.

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