Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 03/10/12 - Qrimsen

March 10, 2012
Oh my goodness...Qrimsen is outta control...anyway. during the weeks were were being dropped Qrimsen an inactive member also was ignoring us. but yesterday i had a thought to drop by her house. her door was open so she couldnt exactly avoid us. but we went in and sat down and she said i have decided i am not coming back. she had been offended by the ward because no one came and said hi to her and her husband at the party. which is not true a lot of members had went up to them. anyway...she watches preachers everyday and she thinks that she can anoint herself (even though in the bible, the only scriptures she reads, says not to do so) she also wants to anoint the doors of the chapels cuz everyone is so cold. anyway....i dont know what her deal is but she started talking smack on the ward and she has no right to do so. We never get a chance to say 2 words with her cuz she rambles and will interupt you but i was ready to freak out and stand up for my ward because they are good people. I was fuming...then sister boyce jumped in and started to bear testimony. of course Qrimsen tried to interrupt but boyce kept barrelling through and testifying and told quin how she felt imperfect as a member and quin needs to find it in her heart to forgive. boyce really softened my heart as i felt the spirit witnessing to her testimony. i then proceeded to be bold with quin and said, dont act like we dont know what it is like to be shunned because you told me you loved the missionaries then you flat ignored me and sister gunnell. i also told her about some experiences i had. but after boyce testified Qrimsen would listen when we talked. she said she would have to rethink her decision. and we invited her to go to sacrament and you cant let man stand between you and God cuz that is stupid. i dont know if we did any good and she didnt show up to sacrament so who knows what goes on through her head. but i think we got out what needed to be said and can move on.

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