Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 04/14/12 - M ark and Beth*

April 14, 2012
We went over to the Madeo's* and they are cradle catholics. Mark asked us if we know about their religion and we said not really at all. and he told us the essentials and told us about some experience he had. I wanted to take his experience and talk about the plan of salvation but i just listened. then we asked them if they would play a song for us and they played one they had at their wedding and Beth and Mark sang it together and it was sure cute. but it really put me into an investigator situation and i was able to understand these people better. you know all good things come from God so of course they can have witness of those things that are true but we have something more. but how do i show them? it was also really good so they can see we really care about understanding them. it was a blessing for me cuz i am sure when i explain things to people they have no idea what i am talking about either so i gotta be doin like the abc's with these people! But i know that this church is the gospel of Jesus Christ in its fulness!

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