Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 05/11/12 - James*

May 11, 2012
Today we went to see James* and to move his date back. We asked him if he drank coffee. He admitted to doing that. I think he did only because we called him out on it last time and had a witness. then we asked about his book of mormon reading. he still said he had done it and his answers proved otherwise. he told us things that we had explained that are not described in the chapter he read. and just gave these round about answers. It is kinda scary to ask someone to move their baptismal date, because baptism is a saving ordinance and we want to give that to everyone, but we have to make changes before we are baptized so we can better keep the covenant we make at baptism to keep the commandments. if someone doesnt have a desire to keep the commandments then we dont want them to make a promise that tells them they need to keep them. I feel that if James* was truly experiencing conversion he would have felt sorrow when we told him we wanted to move the date later. We told him we wanted him to know for his own self and not to just take our word but to experience it for himself. He just said ok sounds good. He obviously doesnt understand what he is getting into. Of course there is a lot of things to cover, but it is sad that the things we have covered just hasnt clicked or been experienced and he just is converted to us as missionaries and not the gospel itself. he has felt more peace in his life but we are not gonna be here forever. so hopefully he can keep his commitments so he can experience the gospel.

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