Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 04/24/12 - Elizabeth*

April 24, 2012
Today we visited Elizabeth*. She told me sometime ago that as we talked about quitting smoking and baptism that it was driving a wedge between our relationship. well, everytime since then she has brought up quitting on her own. Well, today when we went she told us she was going to call the quit smoking hotline! she reads the book of mormon all the time and she knows it is her ownself causing the challenges and not being able to get baptized. but she talked about having a goal and Elaine NEVER talks about having a goal. We have a quit smoking in 7 days workshop but it needs some serious revision. I dont like the signs that you are supposed to hang up on walls because they have pictures of cigs and i think that is too much of a trigger. but i am using that and i am going to revise one for Elizabeth, one that i know she can follow with her lack of discipline and if she messes up that she can repent. Just make it so it is not overwhelming for her. Yes Elizabeth is a wild rollercoaster. she has been through A LOT though! she has messed up, seen a lot of crap, health issues a lot because of her ownself, but I have seen a change from the first time i was in her home to now. Physically you can see the light in her home! it is unreal. she has all the same lights but i have seen it brighter and darker depending on how she is doing spiritually. but it has never been as dark since the first time i met her. We arent asked to be perfect right away but to progress. I was given some advice and that is "If there is a renewed hope in the investigator there should be renewed hope in the missionary." she has been learning for over a year, wants to get baptized, she will get there! She is slowly progressing but she IS progressing!

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